3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet Review 2016 & 2017


The welding process exposes your face, eyes and head to flying molten particles and dust. By wearing a good helmet, you will protect your face from these flying paticles as well as from UV and infrared radiation.

If you are looking for a professional high quality welding helmet with the most innovative features and highest level of protection, Speedglas 9100FX is a great option.

The 9100 FX helmet can be purchased in three variations: with an extra-large AD filter 9100XX, a large AD filter 9100X, or standard AD filter 9100V. All helmets in the FX series include a flip-up auto-darkening filter (ADF) which makes it possible to switch from light shade to dark shade and vice versa very quickly. The models in this series are durable and very comfortable to wear, provide an impressive work area view and a lot of useful features we’ll review here.

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3M Speedglas 9100 FX With 9100XX ADF

Speedglas 9100 FX with 9100XX auto-darkening filterThis model is a top rated product in this series. It comes with a lot of great features. You will surely get value for your money if you buy this hood. With its auto darkening filter, ergonomically designed head suspension, adjustable headband and more, your eyes and face are 100% protected; your productivity will increase as you will not have any need to remove the lens. Your hands will be freer.


The price is high but it is worth every dollar you pay.

Who should purchase this product?

It comes with a sensitivity adjustment which makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. The ADF feature of the product can be adjusted for various shades. So, welders operating in different environments can use this product. It can be utilized for most metal inert gas, stick (arc welding) and tungsten inert gas welding processes.


ADF lens and protective visor

Speedglas 9100 FX welding hood comes with a flip-up ADF system. It offers maximum protection to the face including the eyes, ears and head from flying particles, molten, dust particles, debris, UV rays and infra-red radiation. The lens comes with three sensors which cause the ADF to switch from light to dark shade within 0.1 milliseconds of the strike of the arc. It also reverses to light shade after the completion of the weld within 40-250 milliseconds. The lens offers a light shade and user selectable dark shades 5, 8, 9 through 13. Its 2.8H x 4.2W inches viewing area is the largest in the FX series. Moreover, the helmet has side windows with dark shade 5 filters. With the large viewing area, the welder will have a clearer view of the weld. This makes weld pool inspection very easy. ADF is powered with two 3V lithium batteries.


The model is designed to offer maximum comfort to the welder. It is a flip up helmet which allows you to raise the ADF when you are through with the welding and need to attend to other things. You can easily pull it down when you want to weld. The head cover and the headband are built with good material that is soft against the head. It is available in a lightweight design and thus, it does not weigh heavily on the head. Its weight is only 2.4 pounds. The headband of the product does not compress the nerves, arteries and acupuncture lining and thus, you will not feel any fatigue or pain when you are wearing it.

Wide applications

With its ADF feature, the light sensitivity can be adjusted for different working environments and shades. Thus, it can be used for all kinds of welding. You only need to choose the right setting for each task.

Customizable headband

The product features a customizable headband. So, regardless of your head shape, you can adjust the headband to offer you a perfect fit. Its ergonomic design comes with 2 adjustable crown straps for enhanced weight distribution and stability, 9 different helmet angles snap adjustment, large knobs for simple adjustment, padded front headband and smooth ratchets for good tightening.

To sum up, here are the main features and specifications:

  1. Auto-darkening filter which is sensitive to light and thus is able to provide different shades for different work environments.
  2. Side windows with dark shade 5 filters.
  3. Ergonomically designed headband for enhanced comfort.
  4. Flip-up feature and a protective visor.
  5. Aerodynamic exhaust vent technology.
  6. ADF is powered with two 3V lithium batteries.
  7. Item weight of 2.4 pounds.
  8. Series number: 06-0600-30sw.


  • It offers maximum protection against flying molten, dust particles, ultraviolet rays and infra-red radiation thanks to its comfortable head cover and ADF activated lens.
  • It is available in a lightweight design and is comfortable to wear.
  • There is less distraction and the hands are freer to commit solely to the welding process as there is no need to remove the lens or head cover after each strike of the weld in order to view and inspect what is being welded. The ADF becomes dark quickly when the arc is struck and lightens up quickly at the completion of the welding. You can also apply your hand to non-welding tasks as well.
  • The headband is well-cushioned and thus, it offers maximum convenience to the wearer.
  • It has the largest work area view of all the models.


  • The price is expensive.


When it is time for you to buy a welding helmet, you should consider buying this product because it is strongly built and well-equipped. Besides, it can be used for different tasks thanks to its auto darkening features. The product does not only offer protection to the face against the hazards of welding, it is also comfortable to wear. It does not cause any pain to the head. It will last longer for you and thus you will gain value for your money. However, the price is high and if you are just a hobbyist you will most likely not use all the functions. This helmet is for professionals.

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As mentioned above, there are various models in the FX series. They are all good, even though the model with the 9100XX ADF (series number: 06-0600-30SW) is better rated. If you cannot afford the 06-0600-30SW, you might also consider other, lower priced models in this series which will have the same features but a lower viewing area.

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