Best welding safety jackets for welders 2017

Buying the highest quality welding jacket you can afford is critical to your safety as a welder. Regardless of whether you are just starting out or if you have been welding for years, purchasing an excellent welding jacket is vital. Fortunately, you have plenty of different brands and styles to choose from so comparing the best jackets for welding safety should be no problem, especially if you read through the best welding jacket reviews that we have covered below.

There are a number of factors that you should take into consideration before investing in a jacket to protect you while you are welding for work or leisure. Of course, safety is the number one concern, you need to be protected from sparks, spatter and of course the intense heat that comes from welds. Most jackets from the top brands such as Lincoln and Miller are not only extremely durable they are also breathable to ensure that you don’t get too hot while working. This is especially important if you are welding for long periods of time or you are working on welds in a confided or hot space (which is quite often the case, particularly if others are working around you. The most important areas to check for protection are the wrists and the neck areas. You want to ensure you get a good quality welding jacket with seals around the wrists and neck areas and ideally a high collar to protect your neck. These are the area’s most vulnerable to spatter and sparks from your welding device.

The final factor to consider when buying a welding jacket for safety is of course the budget or price. Obviously, as with any product that you buy, you can really spend as much or as little as you like. However, I would recommend that you do not scrimp here. Generally, the more you spend the better quality or jacket you will receive. This will not only mean you are safety while working, it will also mean your purchase will last longer and thus you will get better value for money. Reading through our welding jacket reviews below will assist you to choose the best welding jacket for your personal requirements.

Caiman Black Boarhide Welding Jacket


 Caiman Black Boarhide Welding JackeThe Caiman Black Boarhide Welding Jacket is an excellent example of a jacket combining flexibility and movement, with durability and protection. If you are looking to buy a welding jacket that can allow you to work as easily as possible but also keep you safe against the dangers of welding then the Caiman Black Boarhide Welding Jacket is a great option.


Crafted from boarhide pigskin leather which makes this welding jacket one of the lightest available today

Lighter weight material means you can be kept as cool as possible, even if you are welding for long periods of time or in warm conditions.

The sleeves and shoulders in the Caiman Black Boarhide Welding Jacket are lined with satin. This allows for great movement, especially when lifting or moving heavy items

Under arm venting to allow your skin to breath and reduce sweating while working

Kevlar stitching is added at all of the weakest areas to give you extra protection from the usual dangers (sparks, heat etc). The Kevlar stitching also helps the jacket to last much longer.


The Caiman Black Boarhide Welding Jacket is a little shorter than some of the other welding jackets that we have reviewed on the site. If you are taller than average we would recommend against this model.

Some users feel the neck is also cut a little too tight. If you have a wide neck measurement we would recommend against this model and perhaps opt for the Miller or Lincoln offerings.

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Lincoln Electric K2989 Heavy Duty leather welding jacket


Lincoln Electric K2989The Lincoln Electric K2989 Heavy Duty leather welding jacket is a well-made and durable product, everything you would expect from one of the market leaders in welding products. The triple stitching throughout the jacket ensures you should not get any fraying or splitting, regardless of how much you use it. Not only this, you also get great protection from the neck down to the waist with the Lincoln Electric K2989 Heavy Duty leather welding jacket.


Crafted from heavy duty leather to provide great protection while welding.

Triple stitched throughout to prevent against any deterioration from fraying or other ageing/wear and tear

Great wrist and also neck protection with the optional flip-up collar feature that most users will love

The Lincoln Electric K2989 Heavy Duty leather welding jacket is one of the longest available, it measures 32 inches so should cover even the longer torso

The jacket has both a zip and a popper/snap closure to give extra protection against any spatter coming off your welding work. This also makes the jacket really warm, which is great if you are welding in freezer conditions or outside during the winter months


The Lincoln Electric K2989 Heavy Duty leather welding jacket is a little heavy as compared to other jackets out there. If you will be welding in hot conditions or outside during the hotter/summer months, this may not be the ideal option for you.

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Miller Welding Jacket, PigSkin Leather (Black)

Miller Pigskin Welding JacketThe pigskin leather, Miller Welding Jacket is one of the best available, Miller are well known for their quality products and this jacket is no different. It is crafted from the finest pigskin leather with an added layer of Kevlar thread to provide additional protection against the heat, sparks and metal fragments that will be thrown at your while welding.


Excellent, trustworthy brand

This jacket not only looks good, but feels good while wearing too. It is tapered towards the bottom part of the jacket meaning you get a nice fitted feel.

Nice smooth satin lining ensures the jack does not get stuck on your other clothing while you are putting the welding jacket on or taking it off

Crafted from high quality pigskin leather and Kevlar to provide a very high level of protection

Flame resistant cuffs and high collar provide you with excellent protection in these key areas (not all welding jackets have these features)

Not too heavy, many welding jackets are simply too heavy to function well in, this Miller Welding jacket is pretty lightweight considering the level of protection it is providing.


The Miller Welding Jacket does not provide great protection if you are carrying out any overhead welding, but then this is true of pretty much ALL welding jackets.

Pockets, these can be a hazard should you leave anything flammable in them, be sure to check before putting the jacket on and welding.

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Revco BX9C-2XL BSX Flame-resistant Welding Jacket


Revco BX9C-2XL BSXThe Revco BX9C-2XL BSX Flame-resistant Welding Jacket is a fantastic example of a good all round welding jacket. It is crafted to fit even the tallest of welders, with a generous 30 inch length, which is longer than most other jackets. The fastening poppers/snaps are really easy to use which makes the jacket a pleasure to take on and off, even if you are wearing welding gloves. The Kevlar stitching and the smooth silk lining on the shoulder and sleeves make this not only a comfortable jacket to wear but also an extremely durable and safe one.


Extra-long (approx. 30 inches) meaning it can fit and cover even the tallest of welders.

Adjustable collar feature, this helps to provide much needed protection to the neck area

Silky smooth satin lining for the shoulders and sleeves make this jacket easy to take on and off but also very comfortable to wear. This also gives good mobility when welding, which is critical

Easy to use poppers/snaps make this welding jacket really easy to put on or remove

Kevlar threading/stitching makes the Revco BX9C-2XL BSX Flame-resistant Welding Jacket extremely durable and safe


The extra protection provided in the jacket make it a little heavy to wear and also a little warm too. If you will be welding in a warm or hot climate this may not be the best jacket for you.

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