Review Top Plasma & Welding Trolleys/Carts for 2017

As a welder, whether you are a professional or simply a recreational one, you will know there is plenty for you to carry or have on hand if you want to do the job properly. Keeping your various apparatus tidy and organised is critical to efficiency and thus investing in one of the best plasma cutter cart or best quality welding carts is a wise choice. There are a number of things that you will need to decide before you purchase your welding cart. Firstly, you will need to hone in on a budget, this is an important first step to make sure that you do not overspend on your cart for storing all of your welding products and tools. By reading through our welding cart reviews and plasma cutter cart comparisons you will get the information you need to make an educated decision.

Once you have your budget clear in your mind you will need to compare the different functionality that each trolley for welding materials and plasma cutters has. The most important of which is of course the storage space and the amount of weight the trolley can hold. If you are a pro then you may have a number of different welding tools and helmets that you need to store. If this is the case you will need a seriously heavy duty one and the cheapest welding cart will simply not do. If you are a novice and only have a few items to store and carry around then a cheap plasma cutter cart will do the job. As with any comparison of products and eventual buying decision, your personal situation and requirements will be the deciding factor. We do advise, however, that you spend a little extra and buy one of the reputable brands that are available. Some of the best brands manufacturing welding carts and plasma cutter trolleys are Hot Max, Eastwood and MIG TIG.

Best Overall – Hot Max WC100


Hot Max WC100The Hot Max WC100 welder cart/plasma cutter cart is our best overall cart. As a welder you will know that if you require the use of a welder, a plasma cutter and other items during your working day or at home, they can be heavy and cumbersome to move around from location to location. While it is not impossible to carry these items manually it is much better if you use a welder cart or plasma cutter cart such as the Hot Max WC100. This cart is a great all-rounder, it is really easy to put together and crafted from strong steel for extra durability. You will have no problem fitting in pretty much any welder or plasma cutter available to buy today, along with any other welding accessories you need to carry out your jobs. The Hot Max WC100 offers great value for money for anyone seeking a compact and durable welding cart.


Really quick and easy to put together, should not take you any more than 30 minutes to get the Hot Max WC100 welder cart together

Crafted from extra strong steel for durability

Spacious design means you will have no problem fitting in a plasma cutter, welder and any other accessories such as a welding helmet/hood or protection gloves.

Strong/robust handle situated at the front of the cart so it does not obstruct any of your cables

Plenty of room at the rear of the welder cart for a gas tank and useful chains/restraints to hold the gas tank in place safely


IMPORTANT: you can only fit in 1 welder or 1 plasma cutter at one time, you will not get in both at the same time, if you need a cart to do this then you need a

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Best Quality – Eastwood Welder/Plasma Cutter Cart


Eastwood Welder Plasma Cutter CartThe Eastwood Welder/Plasma Cutter Cart is definitely our pick if you are looking or the best quality welding cart / plasma cutting cart available to buy. It is not only an extremely well designed and good looking welding cart it is also very strong and robust. The Eastwood Welder/Plasma Cutter Cart is also priced very well and thus affordable to most plasma cutters or welders. The Eastwood welding cart is also much roomier than some of the other models available to buy today, you should have no problem fitting in a plasma cutter, a welder and also, your consumables and other safety equipment. This final point for us is critical and makes it our recommended buy


Excellent price for the quality of materials used to build the Eastwood Welder/Plasma Cutter Cart.

Extremely well made and robust

Plenty of room for both a plasma cutter and a welder, along with consumables and other safety equipment such as a welding helmet / hood and protective welding gloves.

Really easy to follow instructions making the Eastwood Welder/Plasma Cutter Cart very easy to assemble and start using

Overall, a great buy as this welding cart ticks all the boxes


As with any welding cart or plasma cutter cart it is best not to overload the Eastwood Welder/Plasma Cutter Cart, it will not feel stable if overloaded.

Can be a little tough to drive/steer around tight corners, so take it slowly!

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Best Value – MIG TIG Plasma Cutter/Welding Cart


MIG TIG Plasma Cutter Welding CartThe MIG TIG Plasma Cutter/Welding Cart is probably the best value welding cart available to buy today. This medium sized plasma cutter cart / welding cart offers a reasonable amount of storage space for any welder or plasma cutter. You will be able to fit the large majority of welding products or plasma cutters into this cart without any problems. However, some of the larger products can be a problem. For the money though you will not be able to buy a better welding cart than this one, it really is well priced.


Once built the MIG TIG Plasma Cutter/Welding Cart is really strong and robust, which is essential as the welding products and plasma cutting equipment that it will be holding are obviously heavy.

Medium sized cart that can hold most plasma cutters or welders, along with some safety equipment such as welding helmets, protective gloves or some consumables.

The MIG TIG Plasma Cutter/Welding Cart is extremely well priced, one of the cheapest welding carts / plasma cutting carts available to buy

Heavy duty / strong casters for easy maneuverability


As medium sized it is not good for anyone owning larger welding equipment or large plasma cutters

The instruction manual is not the best and can be a little hard to follow, if possible get some help from the manufacturer or seller when you buy this welding cart / plasma cutting cart

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