Hobart 770753 Pro Review 2016 & 2017


Hobart 770753Hobart 770753 is a black colored battery powered auto darkening welding helmet that is created with quality and durable polyamide material. It is an option for any professional or do-it-yourself welder that wants to obtain a clearer view of the weld without exposing the eyes to high intensity light flashes and flying particles coming out from the weld. It boasts of a large viewing area, high sensitivity to changes in light and lots of other features that help to mark it from other products in the market. With this product, you can do your welding work under a number of environments and this makes welding to become a lot easier and safer.

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Features and description

Impressive functionality

Hobart 770753 is perfectly engineered to offer maximum protection to the face region including eyes during welding. It offers large viewing area making it possible for the wearer of the helmet to have a clearer view of joints or materials being welded and the environment. Your view is not limited to the material you are welding. Besides offering superior visibility, the product also provides arc detection during out-of-position welding thanks to the four arc sensors that it comes with. It has a shade setting that ranges from 8 to 13. Above all, it darkens as soon as there is light flashes or changes in light brightness and intensity. Unlike most other products, it provides unequal flexibility for Stick, MIG and low-amperage TIG applications thanks to the ultra fast 1/30000 seconds switching speed. Besides, the product offers the maximum protection to the eyes thanks to its topnotch LCD lens created with the latest technology.


Hobart 770753 combines impressive functionality with breathtaking artistic appeal. It has a great design which makes it to be stylish and looks great on the head of the wearer. Though it is specifically meant for welding, it has some fashion value.


The product is created with durable and quality polyamide which can withstand the elements of weather such as sunshine, debris, dust and rain. But it is smooth and comfortable on the head. Besides, it is created in compliance with CSA/CD standards and approved by ANSI Z87.1-2010.

Lightweight and comfortable

Despite being durable, Hobart 770753 is available in a lightweight and comfortable design. If you wear it, the weight will not constitute any problem to you. It has a weight of just 2.4 pounds or 1 lb 9 oz which any adult can bear for hours of work. It feels easy, smooth and comfortable on the head.


Number: 770753

Power source: battery

Battery type: lithium

Dimensions: 9x9x13 inches

Weight: 2.4 pounds

Color: black

Warranty: 2 years

Sensitivity: 1/30000 seconds

Viewing area: 9.02 square inch

Material: polyamide


  • It is available in a lightweight design.
  • It comes with 2 replaceable CR2450 lithium batteries meaning that you can use it to work under any environment whether there is sun or not or electricity or not and as long as you want as you have extra batteries.
  • It provides superior visibility and darkens automatically within seconds.
  • It can be used to work at any circumstances.
  • The headband retains adjustment once it has been adjusted.


  • The headband is not easily adjustable.
  • It is somewhat expensive.


Hobart 770753 is a quality helmet that dims automatically once there is light flashes or changes in light intensity and brightness. It offers protection not just to the eyes but to the entire face region making welding to be safe and easier.

It is worth investing on if you are a welder. You will get value for your money.

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