Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Review


Lincoln Electric Viking 3350Viking 3350 is Lincoln Electric’s premium range of welding helmets, made for customers who are serious about safety and utility. With the largest viewing port in its class and a top quality lens, Lincoln Electric 3350 Black welding helmet offers the best clarity and protection possible.

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Who This Helmet is Suitable For

If you are not the type to compromise, this is the welding helmet for you. This is a quality product intended to stand up to a lot of abuse – perfect for professional use, or for the serious DIY enthusiast. The auto-darkening lens is sensitive enough to be used for low amp TIG welding or higher amp projects, so is suited to a variety of jobs.

Lens with Perfect 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity Rating

When it comes to projects that require precision welding, visual clarity is vital – you want a welding helmet that offers perfect clarity and a wide range of vision, so that you do not have to constantly lift the helmet out of the way.

Shade Settings of 6 – 13 with a Grind Setting

Auto-darkening helmets usually offer a shade range of between 9 and 13. This range may be fine for a lot of projects, but it simply is not sensitive enough when it comes to projects with a lower TIG rating.

The Main Features and Specifications

  • An optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1.
  • The biggest Viking view port.
  • Shade settings of 6 – 13
  • Improved levels of comfort and pivoting headgear.
  • Replaceable lithium battery.
  • 4 sensors.
  • Weight of 21 ounces/ 595 grams.


The larger viewing area and the clarity of the lens makes it possible to weld in even tighter spots than ever before. The welding helmet is comfortable to wear and lightweight so doesn’t cause undue fatigue and is suitable for all-day wear.

With 4 sensors, you are assured that the helmet is very responsive and well-suited to protect your eyes from arcs, even when you are dealing with lower amperage projects. The shade will darken in about 1/25000 of a second.

You can use a magnifying lens with this helmet.


The only complaint about this product is that the shiny black outer surface tends to pick up scratches – this is quite a minor issue but it does come up as an annoyance for some users. A matte black finish might be better suited, but this is really just a cosmetic issue – it doesn’t affect the utility of the mask at all.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The average rating for this welding mask is 4.6 stars. This is the average of 33 reviews – 24 of these were 5-star ratings.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a good quality auto darkening welding helmet from a trusted name, Lincoln 3350 is a quality and affordable one. The lens clarity and increased field of vision, combined with the larger range of shade settings makes thisone a versatile piece of safety equipment that offers great protection and comfort as well.

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