Best Optrel Welding Helmet Reviews And Buying Guide 2016 & 2017


Without any doubt, welding helmet is the most important protective gear every welder should have. It protects the eyes against molten particles, light flashes and infrared light from the arc. If you do not wear a helmet, the exposure to these flashes and molten metal particles may damage your eyes. Welding hoods also protect the head and face region against the scorching heat and UV rays.

There are different types and designs of helmets. Among the highest quality products that provide really great protection are Optrel welding helmets. Optrel is a well-known company in the industry. Its helmets have a great design and can be used for different kinds of welding jobs under different environments. They are not just stylish but innovative, functional and comfortable to wear. If you are considering purchasing an Optrel helmet, there are some factors you should take into account which include your comfort, the size, the protection it offers, the environment you are working in and the nature of the job you are doing. You should also consider durability and reliability.

Here are our short reviews of top three best rated Optrel auto darkening welding helmets.

Optrel E680

Optrel E680This one comes with a number of features that differentiate it from other products on the market. It offers a lens speed of 1/55, 555 Sec, 2 arc sensors, protective lens covers and a headgear ratchet style with a telescope feature. It has a viewing area of 2 x 4 inches. The helmet is suitable for work in a number of environments because it is solar powered and also has a backup replaceable lithium batteries.


  • User friendly
  • Durable and easily adjustable
  • Stable when raised and never pulls the head forward
  • Offers maximum protection to the eyes and face
  • Offers an impressive view of the work area and reduces glare


  • Not very affordable

Optrel 1007.000 P550

Optrel P550This product is designed for different welding methods and is equipped with a reliable auto darkening filter. Its auto darkening response is very fast, thus your eyes will not be exposed to any glare. When you stop, the glass will brighten immediately. It has an adjustable side cover which enables a welder to adjust the look of the helmet as he wants. Optrel 1007.000 P550 is a multipurpose helmet. It has a wide range of applications such as electrode welding, plasma cutting, plasma arc welding and more.


  • Protects your eyes and the entire face very well
  • Headband is very comfortable
  • Its design allows users to wear a hard hat
  • More affordable than most other top rated brands


  • Though it has wide application, it is not meant to be used as a splash guard or for grinding

Optrel 1006.400 E640

Optrel E640This is another quality product that you should consider purchasing if you are looking for an Optrel helmet. With this helmet you can do a number of projects such as GMAW High Melting rate process, TIG welding, Flux Cored Wire, Plasma cutting, Micro Plasma Arc Welding and others. It is durable. It features a sensor to adjust the detection angle for ambient light. It features a slide switch on the rear meant for adjusting the shade level setting. Each of the shade level settings offer maximum UV & IR eye protection.


  • Moderately priced
  • Made with strong material and thus will last longer
  • Has wide application and is suitable for a number of work environments


  • Can’t be used for laser welding

Why you should use only quality helmets

Accurate and precise outputs: Light flashes and infrared lights oozing out from the arc during welding can be very intense and bright, making it difficult for you to see where you are pointing your arc. However, if you wear a good mask, you will be able to see clearly through the glass cover because it is dark and tinted. Modern helmets are sensitive to the environment. They come with sensors which automatically darken the glass cover immediately after the welding light is sensed.

Prevention of injury to the eyes and face: A welding hood provides cover to the entire face region. If you have ever been around welding, you will definitely realize the importance of wearing a helmet. The face, if uncovered, is dangerously exposed to flying molten metal and particles. These particles are red hot and can damage your eyes and cause great pain if they hit you. This is why it is important that you use your hood when welding to protect your face from flying debris. Quality products are of great importance to welders working in an open environment during hot weather. Allowing your head to be exposed to the sun is not good for your health. So, you can protect your head from the sun by wearing a helmet. Some of the helmets are made with materials that are able to repel UV rays, thus keeping your head cool.

Increased efficiency: Another reason why you should wear a good helmet when you are working is to increase efficiency. As mentioned above, if you do not wear a helmet, your progress will be hampered by frequent stops in order to cover the eyes as you are welding. Your work will be interrupted by your effort to prevent flying molten particles from hitting your eyes.

From the above it is evidently clear that Optrel welding hoods are of high quality and are really useful for welders. Despite the fact that it may limit your field of view or weigh on you, by using it, you’ll never suffer from eye strain or any other eye problems resulting from exposure to intense flashes of light and infrared.