Skull Welding Helmet Reviews 2016 & 2017


Skull welding helmets are very popular on the market today. As implicit from the name, they look like skulls. There are different designs and styles of such helmets made for welders. However, what matters is not so much the design but the level of protection as well as the comfort the helmet offers. If you prefer a skull welding helmet, you should not only consider the style but also the comfort and protection it will offer you.

Getting the best welding helmet is vital in the welding industry, so choose very carefully. It is advisable to buy a quality one that will last longer and protect your eyes from UV and infrared light from the arc. Cheap and inferior masks can even cause more damage to your eyes as the result of their inability to respond to the environment. This does not mean you shouldn’t look for a good bargain. It simply means that you should not sacrifice quality for cost.

Not all skull welding masks have the same features. Consider all features available in the one you want to purchase. You should look for one that is able to respond to the environment or a type that has auto darkening ability. With such a feature, you don’t have to remove the eye cover when you are not welding in order to view your work clearly. The helmet will automatically darken when you are welding and clear when you stop welding. You don’t have to do anything. Durability is another feature that you have to consider.

Based on consumer experience and reviews, here are three top rated skull auto darkening welding helmets to consider.

Top Products

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Save Phace Gen X Series

Save Phace Gen-X SeriesThis is a great skull helmet that is strongly built and equipped with a 180 degree viewing lens. It is available in a slim and lightweight design. It is shaped like a face and so, when you wear it for work, its profile will allow you to navigate tight corners. It has a rounded shape which helps it to remain cooler. Your hot breath is not trapped in the helmet due to its round shape. It features EFP, which can move closer or further from your face thanks to the 9 point Halo high quality headgear it comes with. Your ability to move the EFP closer or further from the face also gives you air flow options and maximum vision. It has auto darkening capacity as well. The helmet is multifunctional because it can be used as a splash guard or a grinding mask. High impact ABS plastic materials that are ANSI and CE approved are used in making its graphics.

True-Fusion BioMech IQ1500

True Fusion BioMech IQ1500Whether you are an expert welder or just a beginner, this product should be an option for you. It has a great design that combines style with comfort and a good level of protection. It comes with superior ergonomics and awesome features which differentiate it from other products on the market. It is also a multipurpose helmet which can be used for all types of welding as well as grinding work. The helmet has an excellent finish thanks to the durable lacquer used on the design. It has a large viewing window of 100x45mm, which allows you to have a clearer view of what you are welding. It is solar powered but there is also a replaceable battery as a backup. This makes it suitable to be used for work in various environments. It features 2 independent arc sensors that provide the auto darkening function. Other features available in this product are a free storage bag, a fully adjustable padded head strap, 5 plain headband adjustments, a 1-year warranty and more.

3M Speedglas 07-0012-31RS

3M Speedglas 07-0012-31RSThis one does not require any assembly. It comes ready to use. You can use it for welding in several environments due to its three sensitivity settings of the lens which include:

  • a setting for working in the midst of other welders
  • the normal setting for common indoor and outdoor welding work
  • a setting for stable or low-current arc welding

This product has aggressive looking graphics. Users have a better view of their work area because of the optical quality of the product. It has an auto darkening filter which darkens immediately the welding arc is detected. Regardless of how intense and bright the light is, your eyes will be protected by the Speedglas 100V lens. With the auto darkening response of the helmet, you will not need to flip the viewing lid. Its design makes it compatible with disposable welding respirators.

These three products are not the only quality skull welding hoods available. There are other good products out there. If you want to buy such a helmet, here are some factors to take into consideration:

  • Choose one that fits you the best. Your comfort and protection are very important
  • Go for the mask that is available in a lightweight design
  • Buy a durable one
  • Consider your working environment and the type of welding jobs you are doing
  • Consider the available features and where they are placed. Externally placed controls are easily accessible but they can easily be damaged

If you take the above tips into consideration, you will get a good skull helmet.